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Beta Post: Now where have we seen this before?

“Inspired by the thoughts of street sleepers.” That’s the claim by obscuro Japanese brand Beta Post.

Destitute as muse. Now where have we seen that before?

Mugatu’s Derelicte collection in Zoolander! Ouch.

I’m always surprised when I see artists of any kind revisit themes that have been ruthlessly parodied. But particularly in this instance, as the weirdness comes full circle  —  Derelicte itself was a piss-take of John Galliano’s homeless inspired 2000 haute couture collection.

No new ideas in fashion? Challenging social statement? Simply bad taste? Or just a beige shirt with two carrier bags stuck on the front?

At the risk of minimising Beta Post’s sincere attempt at politicising clothing, for me this is mostly interesting because it’s unusual to see a shirt with two carrier bags stuck on the front. It’s okay to say that right?

It’s literally called the ‘Homeless Over Shirt‘ and (ironically?) rendered in a silk and linen mix. You’ll notice one of the buttons appears to be concealed. Again, I can’t help wondering if Beta Post have (artfully?) tried to give the impression of a missing button, as might be common to an individual of no fixed abode? I genuinely can’t work out if this thing is a sophisticated conundrum, or a tone deaf accident.

Which brings me to the carrier bags. Which obviously aren’t actual carrier bags, but rather carrier bag-like crunchy, draw-string receptacles made from Dyneema fiber. Seemingly removable, they appear to thread somehow into some holes in the front of the shirt and I guess they might have some practical application. But for the most part, I expect they’re meant to be seen, rather than bulked out with fags, lighters and phones.

It’s currently available in beige or black at the knock-down, vagrant-friendly price of £325.

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