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An extra in your own life

Everyone has their own comfort level when it comes to standing out. Too gaudy? You’re self-aware, everyone’s checking you out, you feel like a dick. But too subtle (and regular readers will surely get this) you’re an extra in your own life; you’re background noise;… Read More

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Off-the-charts berserk

When you’re Google Translating text from Japanese menswear sites into English, it’s rare to find much of worth. Usually you get an apparently abstract block of breathless adjectives. And from this you try and pull the ethos of a freaky-looking brand you’ve never heard of.… Read More

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Long lunches and bad scripts

A coat for a thespian. This is late 60s Tom Baker knocking them back at The French House. This is Withnail sans I. Those in the business of show frequently reach for mildly eccentric clothing (all the world’s a stage etc…) and this Japanese overcoat… Read More