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Needles: Can anything at 50% off ever be a mistake?

At sale time 50% off is where it starts to get interesting. Don’t get me wrong, any discount is good discount, but half-price… You know the retailer is still getting a bit and you’re getting a premium piece for a comparative steal — it’s a win win.

Undoubtedly the prospect of getting carried away hangs heavy. At 50% off even the most rational punter can be hypnotised into buying for the sake, or worse, copping a risky piece that ultimately neither suits nor satisfies. But, and I say this with all due hypocrisy, fuck that. Enough with the baby talk, it’s 50% off. What are you waiting for man? Someone to hold your hand?

This oversized Needles jacket is 50% off right now. Available in all sizes. It’ll suit you. It’ll suit anyone. You’ll never think buying this was a mistake. Definitely. Probably definitely.

Fancy a slice of this Needles? Head over to Liberty. I say it’s 50% off and it very very nearly is, all but £2.50. It was £505, now it’s £255. It’s still a wedge, I get you. But it’s Needles right and a lovely shade of olive.

It’s lightweight and rendered in a poly/nylon technical cloth. You’ve got four pockets onboard. Liberty call it a ‘multitude’. Is a ‘multitude’ four? Either way you’ve got two hip and two patched, press-fastening pockets on the chest. I like the studs on the cuffs too, you’ll get some pleasingly aggressive pleats by cinching those loose cuffs in.

I like the dinky collar and round open neckline that comes into play when it’s done up. It looks off-hand, unscripted: just a dude who’s tossed on a coat. The fact that it’s a £505 Japanese technical coat is irrelevant. The fact that you got it half-off is a secret you should take to the grave.

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