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Jeremy Irons’ Halloween bottom

All Hallows’ Eve. I watched The Babadook – good. Half of The Thing (1982) – obviously astonishing, but my boo couldn’t stomach it, hence only half. And weirdly Damage (1992). I concluded my Halloween watching a naked Jeremy Irons performing the most absurdly gymnastic (and thus humorous) sex acts with Juliette Binoche – my personal highlights being Irons repeatedly banging Binoche’s head on the floor, Irons flailing his arms and legs around like he’s drowning in piss and shrieking like a baby upon issue.

I also hit up the Peckham Springs bar for a spot of lubrication and some style spotting. Here’s a handful of attendees who caught my eye.

IMG_0025 IMG_0033 IMG_0039 IMG_0041  IMG_0028 IMG_0037 IMG_0026 IMG_0043  IMG_0035 IMG_0022

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