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Unsuitable for even a mildly formal environment

Looking to get back on the corduroy tip for the winter? Ignore the squares over at GQ rolling out the old ‘corduroy suit for winter’ ‘trend’ a-fucking-gain. Get your head round this camo, four-button madness from the lunatics over at Kapital. And before you poo your nappy in anticipation of a mad-stacks price point… hold tight soldier. This shit might surprise a bro.

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It’s only £215. Yeah, I say ‘only’. I’m not apologising for thinking a couple of ton for a high-level Japanese blazer (that’s unsuitable for even a mildly formal environment) is a lot. Get with the program loser. This is bargainous right here. A twoer for Kapital? I must be dreaming this shit.


It’s sort of work-jackety, without being yet another navy chore. It’s got a slanted chest pocket, a couple of large, waist patch pockets, a strong check detail under the collar (which is key cos that thing’s gonna remain mad-popped) and four buttons. It’s made in Japan. It’s cord. Whatdywant?

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Get your purse out and point it at The Bureau. Unless you’d rather buy a GQ advertising-endorsed corduroy suit, from Reiss or some other wackness? Yeah? Whatevs. Do that dogg. It’ll look real fly with some struggle Grensons or whatever shoe manufacturer GQ journos are ordered to write about.

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