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Document: A coat for a calmer world

An emoting Lady Gaga. A warble or three from J.Lo. Mr Tom Hanks himself, speaking words designed to steady and balm. America slightly adjusts its posture and passes an especially painful Trump of trapped wind.

The world sleeps easier.

It seems fit to mark the occasion with a piece that captures this return to regular programming. Something sober and sensible, but also charismatic and refreshing. The nuclear football may now be held by a man so old he’s his own great grandfather, but he’ll do it with dignity. Something, as we’ve seen, money can’t buy.

Fortunately for the sartorially obsessed, money can (and if I get my way, will) buy this. And you know what, dignified is a decent enough word to describe it. Crisp navy. Mid-length. Simple, but complex. This coat will make you look positively presidential. We can say that again now.

You’re looking at a serious coat by Document. 650 quids worth of Korean Won, no messing. It’s a once in a blue moon purchase, and by all that is holy and reasonable, I’m going to be watching the skies tonight.

I’m not one for just parroting product descriptions, so if you want the full skinny head to Stable Store with your Google Chrome translation activated. What I will say is there’s a water repellent cotton outer layer and a duck down padded inner  — kind of like two jackets layered over each other, but done so beautifully, so meticulously, that it feels as one. The lapelled nod to formality when the collar is worn open is divine. Now flip to the back to see the envelope-like folds of the outer, the padding revealed and the pocket bags hanging down… oh my Jesus, look up ‘next level’ in the dictionary… you know the rest.

There’s a hood tucking in the collar somewhere and apparently the pockets are big enough for an iPad. This is a coat for bro who brunches at the Dean Street Townhouse, and crunches Wotsits in front of First Dates. It’s the hi-low. Simultaneously formal and relaxed, just like the new Prez. Right now, in my head, this is the perfect coat.

I’m not Biden my time on this one. I thank you.

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