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TOGA Virilis: Take your positives where you can find them

Well that didn’t last long. Biden in  — hooray. Corona variants turn out to be more murderous  — boo. A brief moment of optimism quickly flattened by a sledgehammer of baked shit. Your favourite virus just got better: now available in ‘YOU’RE COMPLETELY FUCKED’ flavour.

‘Back to normal in spring’ has morphed into talk of summer restrictions  — like we didn’t see that coming  — and morale is low. On the plus side the government have brought back the ‘video nasty’. A public information film so terrifying it should finally make any naysayers just as wary of Covid-19 as they were of ponds and pylons in the 70s. I hope everyone watches it.

As we all know by now, you take your positives where you can find them. Wandavision. Vintage David Hockney books. The new Bicep album.

I particularly enjoy performing my attempt at a Botafogo, in my underpants, during my girl’s serious Zoom meetings. I like to thumb at the elastic, slowly revealing a pyramid of pubic hair. Just a little. No knob. For me, it’s all about the poetry of the adult male body. For her, it means muting the call and telling me to ‘go away’ —  but using ruder words.

Other times I just look at clothes on the internet.

This TOGA Virilis jacket is kind of a summer version of the Document coat we looked at yesterday. Completely different but vaguely the same; both employ layering to make their point.

Hardline EG-heads might find this a little too glamour-boy  — it’s got a two-tone sheen FFS. This is a world of fancy. TOGA is a runway brand, so those who prefer their menswear presented exclusively through fanzine-style artisanal look-books might find the air of razzle-dazzle a little rich. I’m cool with it though. A man can’t live on murky utilitarian alone.

As with the Document piece, we’ve got an outer layer that stops short of the expected. Contrasting texture and sympathetic blues bring the interest. A two-way zip would have made it perfect, but I’d take this as it stands in a heartbeat. It’s Marty McFly at a Wizkid gig. It’s the golfing jacket Ru Paul would wear.

The sun’s out today and given the option I’d wear this for a quick stroll around Burgess Park. I saw one of the actresses from The Goes Wrong Show walking there the other week. I wanted to stop her and thank her for making me laugh during lockdown. But I hesitated, and the moment was lost. You’d think someone who dances the Botafogo in their underpants would have more balls.

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