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Otakara N.Y.C: Somewhere between Hanna-Barbera and a sex cult ‘Daddy’

Eastern temples, native American motifs and psychedelic cats. Hungry Pac-men, Ziggy Stardust and boggle-eyed burgers.

There are still some amazing pieces available in the Otakara N.Y.C. collection over at Nepenthes New York. If somehow it’s evaded your notice, now’s the time to get involved. You sleep, you lose.

Sure, the prices are keen, but these are one-offs. Embroidered to within an inch of their life, we’re talking shirts, tees, coats, and for the supreme player, trousers. There is no conceivable scenario where the wearing of one of these garments wouldn’t illicit green-eyed stares and inquiries around their provenance. Both of which remain the only reasons to get dressed in the morning.

I’m particularly feeling the trousers  — although looking at the available sizes, I think a man of my breadth might struggle. The tan pair would murder around the watering holes of my Peckham habitat. There’s a twisted jumble of squiggles, symbols, flowers and beasts. No I don’t know what any of it means and no I don’t care. It’s somewhere between HannaBarbera and a sex cult ‘Daddy’, which is precisely my personal brand.

Shame this stuff doesn’t end up in the London store. Still, if it was easier to get hold of perhaps it wouldn’t be quite so appealing.

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