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Watching life through a colostomy bag

It’s increasingly amusing to hang around east London’s Goodhood on a Saturday and watch as the patrons try to out Hunter S. Thompson each other. Cowboys hats, bucket hats, giant wooly pom-poms, tracksuits tops, garish shirts, velvet pyjama trousers, animal print, double-glazed specs. I haven’t… Read More

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Tie-dye is a bit like…

Somewhere between the Cosmological Constant and Daedalus’ Labyrinth lie these tie-dyed shirts from Japanese brand Curly. Look upon them with care. It’s conceivable they represent our first confirmed sighting of dark matter. I understand the chaps over at CERN are taking this very seriously indeed.

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Getting angry over generic baby pictures

My relationship with Facebook has evolved from casual distain to abject masochism. Perhaps your feeds are vibrant, informative and thrilling. Mine is full of people expressing apparent shock and indignation that Tesco are already selling Easter eggs. “WTF!” they breathlessly exclaim. As though the basic… Read More