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Someday it will be cool again

Animal prints have come a long way since their 80s association with Marlene from Only Fools and Horses and whatever ‘bit of skirt’ Minder’s Dennis Waterman was taking for a prawn cocktail. Or have they? Well, actually, no. Animal prints are still all about flouncery.… Read More

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What have you come as…

Game changing stripes from Sunnei here. Look at the width. Absolutely spot on. Were that the end of the story it’d be satisfying enough. But it’s not. Some stripes run vertically. Some go horizontally. And on the pocket, they’re diagonal. And you thought this was… Read More

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Look, I found a shell

Facebook is officially a graveyard of the banal. Look, I’m drinking an alcoholic beverage on a weekday. I’m ‘checking in’ at a members bar (that was trendy in 2005.) I’ve just been running. I’ve been in the sea and I found a shell. I’m flying… Read More