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You might as well buy three

With the 80s stylings of a Michael Jackson leather (or Eddie Murphy’s stage get-up) this asymmetric YSTRDY’S TMRRW pullover will transport you back to a world of Funny Feet ices, Psion Organisers and dancing with tears in your eyes. Course, you may not be old… Read More

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The untrained eye

It’s not easy being a fan of The North Face Purple Label. Of course it’s only available in Japan, which makes things difficult enough. But there’s also the fact that goods by The North Face Purple Label often look rather like goods from The North… Read More

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I’ve really gone off this now

Everyone’s on the ‘remade’ tip. Taking old stuff, hacking it up, stitching it back together and reselling (with varying degrees of self-congratulatory eco emphasis). The UK’s Christopher Raeburn is at it, as are Japan’s Needles and Comme des Garçons. Italy’s MYAR all the way to… Read More