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Wellder: The funnel-neck strikes back

Within the genre of higher-neck garments the funnel-neck doesn’t get much play. It’s always roll-neck this and mock-turtle that. Put simply, a funnel-neck is wider, more gapey. You might remember them from the ladies section of the Littlewoods catalogue. In there you had all manner of anodyne blondes, leaning against garden furniture, wearing camel knits with necks like baggy foreskins.

I’ve got a simple navy Monitaly top that you could describe as a funnel-neck. But crucially it features an elasticated cinch, so I can easily rein in the width. It’s actually become one of my standard go-tos. And we can see the same principle here, on this sweat from Japanese brand Wellder.


Few people want their head to look like the tip of a penis. And in my view, Wellder have successfully side-stepped this hazard. In the main, it’s a simple grey sweat, 100% supima cotton, a little oversized and with an appealing stepped-hem. Cuffs are square cut and loose, so you could easily get a long-sleeved tee under there on colder days. But the neck-hole is the star. The drawcord is half way up, which is different. Although what it looks like tied tight isn’t shown in the shots over at retailer Coverchord. It’s a difficult to imagine the oesophageal silhouette. Somewhere between super-cool and Roy Scheider getting garroted in Marathon Man I expect.

I’m entirely digging this. For me the funnel-neck detail elevates it from a standard also-ran sweat into the big leagues. It’d look savage under a dark, casual cotton blazer — giving a nod to 1960’s dandyism, while boasting a left-field technical feel.

Easily enough to turn the head of the most generic catalogue blonde.

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