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We’re all going to fry

These kind of collarless, padded liner style coats are everywhere. Still in the sale mostly. I tried on a shiny Beams Plus one a couple of weeks back. It was a large, but I was larger. I looked like a Quality Street. I didn’t buy it. I like the look of this one though. Not sure if it’s padded as such, maybe just squiggled-up with top-stitching. But then, you know, global warming… We’re all going to fry, at least with this you won’t sweat so much.

ordinary jacket.002

It’s from Japanese brand Ordinary Fits – officially the coolest brand name currently operating. And you can grab it over at Strato if the mood takes you.

ordinary jacket.003

I guess I’d rather it was navy. I don’t often feel the mustard. Feels a bit, check me, I’m wearing a bold colour. But then I look at this guy, just staring at the floor in his specs, acting like his jeans haven’t just been the guest star at a bukake party and I think, I could probably carry it off.

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