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Queen Mum chic, for a dude

Amongst the tumble of grey sweatshirts, beige chinos and oxford cloth shirts (all bearing slightly different details and wildly different logos) that perpetuate #menswear, it can sometimes be a trial to find something suitably different to write about. Thus, I make no apologies for drawing your attention to this. Ideal for the bro looking to emulate the style of a 1980’s middle-class granny.


We’re in the realm of royalty here. This is aggressive Queen Mum chic. But for a dude. And I could kind of roll with it too, if it was looser, more capacious, more hangy. But it’s really not. It’s small, and tight. Challenging, to put it diplomatically. It’s another piece from Unused, and I expect come sale time, it’s going to remain that way.


You’ve got to hand it to them though, it’s stuff like this that pushes the menswear conversation forward. And I’d take this wool boucle madness over yet another pale blue oxford any day. I mean, I say I’d take it. I’d have it if someone gave it me. For free. Surely only the most enthusiastically directional would drop $1020 to look like Judy Dench.

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  1. I think the wotsit (heck, what can you call it? A cardie?) actually doesn’t look that bad. Granted, the colour is like some lavender splash of hell, but it’s not totally bad. What really kicks it off the cliff is the stunningly bad styling and model. Awful to quite a spectacular degree, which should earn it some points, in the class where everyones a winner.

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