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Narcotic-powered cowboy wear

This is a serious slice of luxury casual. It’s like a Hollywood seamstress’s idea of something a bit 70s  – but with better fabric and a spotless, ageless appearance. I could see this on Kevin Dillon in The Doors.

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This retro looking piece is, somewhat ironically, by Unused. It’s narcotic-powered cowboy wear, all pearl buttons and saw tooth seams. Now this is not my vibe. I’m pints. I’m woolly hats. I’m layers. I’m freezing outside pubs. This is, for want of a better phrase, sexy menswear. Sexy dudes wear this kind of shit. All abs and hair. Chests hanging out. Wind in their mane, wind in the sails, one hand on the tiller and the other palming their intern’s butt. That is rarely me.

US1048ShirtNavy7_947acaa4-49a3-4932-820e-15b70ce05026_2048x2048 US1048ShirtNavy5_6356005f-3a53-4564-80ff-3c903eda4f0b_2048x2048

That said, I kind of think there’s a place for this down a chilly Peckham saloon. Over a crisp T, with a less gregarious pair of jeans than those illustrated, maybe this is the way forward. Injecting a bit of sexual jazz into my vibes. I could even take the zip down a couple of notches. If it wasn’t so fucking cold.

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