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What are you, a barbarian?

Over at Alpha Shadows (my new, local to Peckham, retailer of implausibly obscure Japanese bands) the murderous pieces keep coming. This Niche anorak type thing caught my eye. It’s natural canvas, which ticks my ‘white for winter’ box and is peppered with pockets and buttons. Personally I wouldn’t downplay it with chinos, chambray and kicks like this brah. I’d maximise the contrast and wear it over a  dark navy blazer, with raw denim jeans, sunglasses, a navy woolly hat, a boxing glove on one hand and a bunch of daffodils in the other. Nice and subtle like.


I’m loving the thin left hand side front pocket. And stick a pocket on a sleeve and I’m sold. As usual though, I’m at a loss to suggest what you might put in these pockets. Or whether it’s appropriate to put anything in them at all. It is a little ironic that I adore an unnecessary amount of pockets, yet in practice prefer to keep them sealed, flat and unused – nothing ruins the line of a coat more than actually using pockets to put stuff in. What are you, a barbarian?


Anyway, if you fancy having a coat the pockets of which in my opinion shouldn’t really be used and virtually no one in the UK has, get yourself over here and drop the requisite.

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