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Extremely trousers

Think I’m wearing jeans? Step away my man. These are denim trousers. Salvage denim trousers. These barbarians are so jumbo, so fucking spacious, they don’t fit the jeans category – not least because there are so many pounds of denim involved, you could knock-up two pairs of genero skinnies from these. These are extremely trousers brah. And the extremely trousers game, is the game you need to be playing.


I picked them up at OTHER/Shop. They’re called the Edward Pleat Denim Trouser. They’re a life-changing experience. After years of trim-fit jeans, trousers and chinos, having some thick cotton acreage flapping around is liberating. Forget about thigh throttling when you sit down. Forget about where your beer-bump is going to sit. These capacious, pleated, high-waisted bangers have more than enough leeway for any activity. Another pint? Fire it down bro. Bending down to re-tie your kicks? Easy life. There’s so much fabric in play, a brah starts to feel like a denim superhero. Agile, maneuverable and airy – lots of cloth, means lots of air, means cool and dry. Leave the sanitary pads at home brotherman.


This measure of salvage comes at a price. Best believe, your money-pouch will be 155 coins lighter. But as an advocate of pleats, baggy-trousers and denims of all flavours, these are pretty much my premo breeches right now.


I’m rocking a very old Yohji Yamamoto jacket here. I bought this in the early 90s, from a shop called Jones in Floral Street. It closed many years ago, which is a shame as it was one of the maddest menswear stores in the capital. Don’t think the Y’s line is still going in the same form, but this antique is still going strong. I used to kill it in this, Comme Ts and original Duffer jeans – which come to think of it, is not a wildly different look to this. I think the shorter jacket works with the pleated, fuller trouser – basically making-sense of the silhouette. This jacket’s got great (deliberately) wrinkly fabric. I should wear it more. More than the current ‘never’ at least.

IMG_2207    IMG_2190 IMG_2189

My sneaks for the day are Novesta. They’re from Slovakia and you can grab a pair over at MKI or in-store at OTHER/shop. They’re only 40 quid, and are totally comfortable. Comme are shortly to release a PLAY colab, with Novesta in the UK (so expect another 100 quid on the price). Have to say, I prefer the originals myself.


As you can see from the above pic, I wasn’t lying. These jeans really are monumental. They are just so comfortable. In fact they are so relaxing, it took a full three minutes after this picture was taken, for me to realise I’d punctured my colostomy bag.

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