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Not watching kicksports


Keeping in mind the trifling amount of time we bros are blessed with the gift of life, it’s remarkable how eager we are to twot it away on the most idiotic and trivial activities. Most dudes I know think the best thing on the planet is watching the international kicksports Soccer, and Rugbyball.  Basically, other bros chasing a balloon. Others think cycling is genius. What is it with all this fucking cycling? It’s just an antique movement machine. Tennis – hitting a small bouncy thing with a stick with a net on the end. Hiking – what for, everywhere’s been discovered?

Yep, everything we do is rubbish. An insignificant exercise in time-wasting, until we’re inevitably ka-boomed into extinction by a big space rock. The only worthwhile thing any of us bros do these days, is stand about in garms having our pictures tooked, so a professional bellpiece can scribble what we’re wearing on them.











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