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From wanker-banker to Kubrick astronaut

If you look at the top-down silhouette, these loafers look treacherously like the kind of square-toed wazz worn by threadbare commuters. They bring to mind 90’s Patrick Cox shoes; a chisel-ended form that’s remarkably still championed by the accountancy community today. Perhaps the stubby look… Read More

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Ladylike and uncommonly effete

Simultaneously exhibiting the fundamental characteristics of both Birkenstocks and wellies, the SS17 footwear from Acne Studios manages to horrify and intrigue in equal measure. Whether you have a hankering for anti-bacterial footwear is neither here nor there – this is what the future looks like… Read More

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A hippy’s casserole

With the topographic appeal of a protein flapjack, this knobbly Acne overcoat looks virtually edible. Slabs of rust, amber and ochre have been beautifully mixed together, forming a jacquard as nutritious as a hippy’s casserole. This coat really is a stand out. Extremely simple shape… Read More

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A bit too glorious

I don’t often trouble Stockholm label Acne. I find a lot of their stuff a bit too designery, a bit too glorious, a little too effete. There’s a few too many psychedelic jumpsuits in the mix for me. Totally respect it. Love that it exists.… Read More