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Quietly and simply fresher than the rest

If I lived in NYC I’d be making a nuisance of myself in Gentry on the reg. Esemplare, Needles, Nanamica, Cabourn, The Superior Labor – no doubt, their roster is rapaciously on point. But while browsing Gentry’s latest drops on my computerised system, it wasn’t just the product that got me vibing. Their Junya edit is fire obvs, but it’s the styling that strikes me. And one element in particular…


It’s all about the white socks over there brah. Their new Junya black and navy mohair knits, and tweed blazering are all off-set with ice-white hosiery. It looks mad-power. Of course, London’s full of monochromatic goth ninjas dropping the white sock thing. But here, styled with a softer palette of navy, chocolate brown, taupe and red plaid, it feels new. Slightly daring.

10.23.14---tss_-gramichi_-junya7283_af636bc8-37f8-4ce8-bd27-532a5f7908a2_1024x1024 10.23.14---tss_-gramichi_-junya7138_df4202d4-f025-47dd-b7fb-551d43e27d4f_1024x1024 10.23.14---tss_-gramichi_-junya7132_610f58fb-b943-461e-b217-4041d55bc3f9_1024x1024 10.23.14---tss_-gramichi_-junya7315_654ea0e7-1fe8-42ce-a05b-2518a9fb54b0_1024x1024 10.23.14---tss_-gramichi_-junya7146_85edd161-4a23-4c6c-bb5f-3fcbe5bcc33c_1024x1024

It’s easy to get blinkered into a way of doing something. Progresive menswear etailers offer myriad, sock creations from the likes of Ayame, Chup and Anonymous Ism. And they’re pretty much, the default choice for the menswearman.

10.23.14---tss_-gramichi_-junya7324_0ede02c3-8af5-40cc-8238-cf9f65f0f988_1024x1024 10.23.14---tss_-gramichi_-junya7279_94039efe-23ef-4507-a9be-559b63231a93_1024x1024

I like that, with these few shots, Gentry have tossed away battling patterns and gone back to basics. And in doing so, have, quietly and simply produced something that looks fresher than the rest.

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