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A fuck-ton of doner meat

I bet it took a long time to stick all those bits of paper on that wall and then rip them all off again. Looks like a cool place to stand around though. An artfully disheveled wall. Scraps of paper everywhere. It’s like a bunch of tiny dudes hanging out inside a shredder. Or just the aftermath of a particularly enthusiastic bum wiping party.

This is Nonnative SS15 collection. It’s called The Melting Bazaar. Your invite to the party is after the jump. Watch your step.


The vibe is Istanbul apparently. Although I’ve been to Istanbul. All I saw was dudes chasing blonde tourists and a fuck-ton of doner meat. I must have been hanging out in the wrong places. According to Nonnative’s vision, it’s full of dudes who look like billionaire poets.


I enjoy the big-hatted flavours coming through. There are some denouncers of the chapeau thing, particularly a la Pharrell. But if you steer clear of mad-scale Yosemite Sam  shit, I see no reason not to explore hatsmanship on a day-to-day basis. Hats are certainly a go to in my current arsenal.


I’m also on point with the floral blazer – surely a mandatory for any stylebrained bro this summer – and of course, the pleated chinos. I’ve been pushing pleats for time over here. And I’m very comfortable that they haven’t blown up in the mainstream – it’s cool to keep some shit on lock for the players.


You’ll be able to cop Nonnative SS15 over at Oki-Ni and Haven pretty soon. Oh and the navy granddad shirt above has got my attention too. I’ve been toying with the look after seeing a fire example by Porter Classic over at Blue Button Shop. I haven’t dropped yet. I need to try that shit on first. I bro of my years has to be careful. I’d probably just look like a granddad.

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