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Almost time to switch

This headpiece is called the ‘Educator Hat’. It’s from Nonnative and available now over at Coverchord. Not sure where the whole ‘educator’ thing comes in? Looks to me like something worn by low-level Death Star personnel. The guy who mops the trash compactor perhaps? Even… Read More

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A compelling sole sandwich

Loafers rule. Or rather, loafers can rule. If you’re rocking a thin-soled pair, sockless, with wetsuit-tight jeans you’re a wazzock. Loafers do not rule under those circumstances. I mean (hello, a large percentage of UK men) what the fuck are you thinking? If you dress… Read More

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Accusations could be levelled at these pages that they’re too keen to cover ridiculousness. Hence today’s choice. Wearable, but still niche. Difficult to get hold of, but unlikely to provoke ridicule. It’s a green jacket. It’s got velcro and pockets. It’s from Nonnative. Now try… Read More