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Ditching the ditch

The only reason I visit Shoreditch these days is Goodhood. If any non-Londoners are in any doubt, the area’s once progressive reputation is long dead. Menswearists Present went a while back, Sunnysiders is shuttered and if you’re looking for Artwords books you’ll now have to head to Broadway Market. Even the Ace Hotel has undergone an anaemic transformation into 100 Shoreditch. 

That said, fans of arseholes are well served. The whole area might as well be one bottomless brunch. Watch as excessively refreshed lasses in cheap clumpy shoes and muscle-bros in Palm Angels tees stagger out from ball-pit bars to compete to see who can be the most obnoxiously screamy. Those looking to snap some broken Britain realness should hang around the once trendy Curtain Road on a Saturday. Smashed bottles, volcanoes of sick; if you’re lucky you’ll see a girl down an alley having a poo. This is all during the day I might add. If you’ve got a recent iPhone you’ll really be able to capture the sunshine reflecting off that pipe of manure as it curls past her Weekday drawers onto the tarmac.  

My girl and I made it to Goodhood on Saturday. We managed to grab a decent, if enthusiastically priced, lunch at Cecconi’s, before heading up Rivington Street, pushing ourselves through a horde of vulgarian banshees, eventually crossing the threshold of our favourite shrine to poncification. 

On this occasion it was my girl who came away with the goods. After some (cough) selfless generosity on my behalf, she copped a Toga jersey dress and a lovely pair of patterned trousers from new Story MFG spin-off Gentlefullness. 

I tried to try on a Gentlefullness hat myself, but there was a giant anti-theft tag inside. I forcibly pulled it on and my eyes almost popped out. In some pain, I politely turned down the offer to have the tag removed. Besides by that point all my cha-ching was going on my girl anyway.

My fit for the day’s hardship was much as you see: 80% Comme des Garçons (which I realise must be getting tiresome for non-Comme-heads) with accessories from EG and Studio Nicholson. The Norbit bag is new though and ideally sized for my daily carry of non-fungible nonsense. I do like how the mottled detail pops off my go-to navy fits.

We left Shoreditch much as we found it. A couple of pieces of luxe casualwear lighter and probably a handful of human turds heavier. I shouldn’t moan. I mean, watching a girl shit on the pavement… Some people pay a lot of money to see that.


Hat: Engineered Garments
Jacket and trousers: Comme des Garçons Homme
Shirt: Comme des Garçons Homme Deux
Sneakers: Moonstar for Studio Nicholson
Belt: Nonnative
Bag: Norbit by Hiroshi Nozawa

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