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Got the time brah?

You know when something really looks like something, but it’s not that thing, it’s another thing? Kind of like Galaxy chocolate. It looks like chocolate and smells a bit like chocolate, but tastes like piss and stones.  To the unskilled eye, train timetables look like works of fact. Rather than the teeth-grinding satire they in fact are. So too, this jacket. Menwearists of menswear can be tossed some slack for assuming we’re looking at a Junya piece. It’s actually by Indigo Farm. And about half the price of a wallet-crushing Watanabe. I think that’s pretty exciting. Certainly exciting enough to make the bro above forget to put his watch on.


You can hoover this monster over at Garbstore – in fact I think it might be a specific run for the shop. Anyway, according to the brethren over at GS, this jacket is constructed from, “various fabrications.” Fabrications? Why not just fabrics? Top marks for marketing wazz. Either way, the ‘fabrications’ in question are chambray, denim, corduroy and linen, which to be fair, is a fuckload of fabrications for your dollar.


Those with eyes of an eagle will have already spied the other deets – single front chest pocket, random machine embroidery, vintage loop back button down front and inner patch pocket. If so, just assume I just reinforced what you already knew. Go on, let yourself feel like a lord.

At 265 coins, it is neither mad-expensive, nor mad cheapness. But I guess it depends what kind of bro you is? If you saw 20p on the floor, would you show your arse to pick it up? What about 50p? A quid? A fiver? If I carried on to 265 quid and you still hadn’t said yes, I’m guessing you only give fucks for Junya. If like me you’d show your arse for 2p and a compliment, this Indigo Farm chore is probably looking real nice about now.

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