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New things to wear, or not, but either way, there’s seven of them


The intrepid menswearist always has an eye out for the freshness – different ways to wear stuff, new garms, original details.  Ultimately, it’s about finding new takes, that when deployed in the field, make other bros feel inadequate. Healthy living dudes.

So, peep my selection of seven tomorrow-thinking deets. Crank up your superior brothermen. Let the sideways glances and casual inquiries about your kit from lesser brahs be your fuel.

1) Pockets yeah, but on the front

DSC_0293-879c4 DSC_0289-b6194

Available right now on these shorty short shorts, but coming to a trouser near you soon, it’s pockets, but on the front. Can you imagine that? They’ll make burrowing for change all the more difficult and the capacity of the dinky front pockets is gonna be small – so, in every possible way, they’re inferior to regular sideways pockets. Other than… they look hella cool. Sold.

2) T-shirts with useless bits that kind of look like they have a use

DSC_0297-1b508 DSC_0289-c14aa

Look at that white cotton tab on the collar. It’s not even a tab, it’s just a bit of fabric. I dunno why, it’s not for anything. It just is. Blame Nigel Cabourn. I’ve decided I like it and I want all my clothes to feature extra bits of unnecessary fabric. I just fucking do right.

3) Breakdance pants with punk zips

10_000000002225 7_000000002225 6_000000002225

You can zip these Needles bad boys up when you’re listening to The Clash, and then unfurl them for when you’re spinning on the kitchen floor to Chaka Chan. Look at the size of those things. I’d be fully trying some top-rocking and walking against the wind shit in those.

4) A cycling vest, but not for cycling in

DSC_0374-dd65d DSC_0390-f1971

I have no idea what makes this Nanamica gillet a cycling vest. But it’s called that, so, you know, ok. Either way, I have no desire to get carved in half by a London bus, so I’d wear this in a non-cycling capacity. Just walking around. Talking to people. Drinking lattes. And remaining not dead.

5) A ridiculous scarf ring thing

DSC_0147-1076b DSC_0142-f58b3

It looks like the sort of thing Lord Baelish wears while trying it on with Sansa and pushing people down holes. It’s actually a highly desirable Visvim thing that costs the usual 100 quid or what-not. Rather think it looks like I doodled the detail in two minutes on my iPad. Could do with a wolf, or a unicorn up in there.  I’m more of a house Baratheon dude myself.

6) Hillbilly cords

DSC_0118-d678a DSC_0117-be0d7 DSC_0035-825a8

I don’t know… More Visvim bumpkinwear. I quite like the idea of wearing the straps hanging down, like the brah above. Although, at my age I’m aware that the appropriate time to ironically wear braces (all be they by an elite streetwear brand) may have gone. And if it hasn’t, then it probably will have by the time I finish this sentence.

7) A shawl, but not worn like a shawl, more like a skirt and not like a shawl at all

DSC_0384-89c57 DSC_0382-e92a2

Very NYC right now. The Four-Pins crew are all over this vibe. Although, I’m yet to see anyone in London rocking it. It’s an EG shawl, but (as is the way of things) dudes have taken to wearing them round their waist, dropping layers over their slacks. Kind of down with it. Although it does remind me of being a kid and tying my Tacchini tracky top round my waist. A lot of kids did that when they were playing football, tennis, or practicing the sprint. I didn’t. I was pretending to be Sapphire The Wonder Boy. A superhero I invented. I’ve got home made comics and everything if you’re interested?

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