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No one ever said warfare was fairly worn


Three of the most vital tenants of the #menswear movement appear to be… 1) Look as cool as possible, without giving the impression you’re actually trying to look cool. 2) Wear labels other people don’t know about. 3) When quizzed about your clothes, act as nonchalant as possible, as though your look was the last thing on your mind.

And the desired result of this preposterous social subterfuge? The eliciting of envy in others of course.

We can say the pursuit of steez is also about a fervor for craftsmanship, a passion for the tactility of cloth, a sense of personal comfort and self confidence. We can say that. But the brutal truth is, it’s mostly just about making other brosephs well jel. Make no mistake, it’s a war. You’ve got to bring down the shame-hammer on other dude’s looks.  Use that Norse Projects bazooka against inferior TopMan armour. Pull the pin on that Barena bon mot and lob it with casual insouciance. This ain’t a game brotherman, use every advantage you can get. No one ever said warfare was fairly worn.

Anyways… you wanna be the playa, you’re going to need some legendary swag. The best place to check right now is Blue Button Shop. They bang out a load of difficult to get Japanese kit and they ship internationally for a reasonable price. You can’t buy a lot of this stuff, even in London. Check this madness.

Overdyed linen shirting from Rulezpeeps. And just check that savage pocket embroidery.



Only last week I posted a pair of gaming changing socks. I think these by Tigre Brocante have just beat them down.



Simple, but very tasty, chunky sole loafers from New England Outerwear.


Bonk-bonk bandanas and bags from Mr Gentleman.


Boxy, grandad shirts from Porter Classic.

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And if Blake’s 7 had been set in Boulogne… This Jermain Jackson stage-wear is by Kapital and irrespective of its, spangliness, I can’t help feeling like I want to try and pull this off.



My advice? Head to Blue Button Shop now for some startling menswear flavours. They’ve got more brands you’ve never heard of than any place I’ve seen. And if you don’t know ’em, you can be sure your brethren won’t have. So place that order safe in the knowledge that, in your social circle at least, you’ll be lord-fucking-steez. Mr Imaginarium. Doctor Significant. And ever so slowly, almost imperceptibly, your closest mates will start to hate you. Not ideal. But in every war, there’s collateral damage.


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