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Allergic to Grensons

You can’t ignore tweed. As much as I often try. I find it a little overtly heritage for my flavour. So common is it to see tweed blazers, teamed with me-too, name jeans (I’m looking at you Nudie) and Grensons, that on the street at least, the fabric’s status has become too steadfastly associated with this jaded, ‘ageing creative’s’ uniform. It’d take a piece of considerable flame to make me re-consider my position. A piece not unlike this.


OTHER/Shop have an eye for a forward-thinking silhouette and the proportions on this blazer by Japanese imprint Still by Hand are perfect. With just a buggy lining, it sidesteps the fully interlined and lined approach of more traditional garments, resulting in a doubtless warm jacket, but without the prohibitive sense of being smothered to fuck in layers. The pattern is subdued too (looks like a barleycorn tweed to me) just enough going on for interest, without prodding people’s eye’s out with a gregarious check.

other-styled-henry-01-09-16-893-copy other-styled-henry-01-09-16-920-copy other-hanger-01-09-16-072-copy

On board you’ll find the requisite three front pockets, a couple inside and working cuff buttons. And I think for three and a half, that’s a reasonable deal. I especially like the fact that the jacket buttons to the top, providing options for wear, but consequently makes a detail of the (presumably leather) button backs on the right hand lapel. It’s a very nice piece. Just stay away from the Grensons.

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  1. Looks like the model experienced something of a growth spurt between ordering the clothes and wearing them? Jacket looks decent enough though, and as you point out, not awfully priced. I’d still wear a proper pair of shoes with it though… 🙂

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