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That mariachi Stone Roses look

Look out, trends incoming. I reckon velvet/velveteen bomber jackets will be strong for winter. By strong I mean, at the sweatshopped, everything costs £24.99, high-street strata. I’m currently undecided on the potential market penetration of trousers with military/sportswear stripes down the side – but they could be a thing too. Then there are jackets with blanket style fringe detail at the hem. YMC are touting this. And Japanese brand Pig & Rooster are in on the game too.


While the YMC example feels a little polite, this Mexican style hooded jackety thing goes full bore towards a feeling of heritage and authenticity. It’s a pretty long style, so there’d be no playing down the fringing by hitching it up and thrusting your hands in your jean pockets. You’ve have to wear this as it was meant to be worn – with outward confidence and inward mortification. `


It’s a cotton wool construction, and in case you were already reaching for your CSC code, you’re looking at just over 200 notes plus import and postage. It’s a good day for dudes chasing that elusive mariachi Stone Roses look.

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