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Trousers that, “will attract the eye”

The hold skinny jeans still seem to have over a large percentage of the male population in this country is remarkable. From mid-90’s counter-culture statement of guitar-based rebellion, to H&M sale rail in a couple of years, and yet they’re still pegging it about the land, throttling the gonads of the average Reebok and Wetherspoons client. Traditionally, significant changes in menswear move slowly. But not this slowly. It’s as though there’s been some trashy mass indoctrination – akin to the Trumpist mind-warping of middle-America’s yokels. It’s long past time to ditch the skinnies. Go baggy. Go mad-baggy.

needles trs.001

By any reasonable interpretation of the term, these Needles trousers are mad-baggy. They’re termed a ‘painter pant’  – clock the slanted side pocket, presumably for one’s brushes. They’re denim, clearly, and feature a nice line in contrast stitching; detail that extends to the simple overlocking of the hems.

needles trs.002

You can grab them from the guys at Digital Mountain, who point out, with pleasing understatement, that these trousers will, “will attract the eye.” Indeed, I suggest wearing a pair of liferafts round your waist would have a similar effect.

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