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A soft-sell into considered dressing

Unlike a great many indie-menswear brands, OTHER/Shop don’t spend their time re-working  workwear classics. Theirs is a cleaner, fuss free aesthetic; one absent of plentiful pocketing, excessive top-stitching and anachronistic utilitarian detail. This Stephan Schneider one-off typifies the approach. Relying on a trim silhouette, an unusual shawl-style hood approach and a busy, but muted pattern, it’s a soft-sell into considered, paired down dressing.


It very much echoes the Scandinavian school of nominal minutia resulting in maximum impact. And I’m kind of with it. My only issue is with the abundance of this ethos on the high-street. From the Lemaire ranges at Uniqlo, to every square foot of Cos, trimmed-back, fiddle-free dressing seems the de facto option for people wanting to express ‘good taste’ (whatever that is.)


At least here we’ve got that pattern. It’s derived from the idea of ‘flags’ apparently – objects possessing an element of recognisability, without necessarily appearing too loud. Not entirely sure I see it myself. But it’s a pretty hot piece, so let’s give Mr Schneider a pass on that one.

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