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Irresponsibly theatrical

While polka dots feature in Engineered Garments’ SS16 collection (on sale now), they’ve gone jumbo for this winter’s drop – which makes for a significantly more challenging wear. Irresponsibly theatrical and self-consciousness-generative; when a dude wears this giant polka dot jacket, he fucking knows he’s wearing a giant polka dot jacket.

Whether that dude is you, is of course personal taste. And I maybe defined by your level of devotion to brand EG. I’m all about the brand, but I’m struggling to fathom an occasion when this wouldn’t make me feel like a seventeenth-century pierrot, via Jimmy Cricket. It’s a difficult piece to dress down and in the name of all that is responsible, you wouldn’t want to dress it up. Wear this with a shirt and tie and you might as well add a question mark pin badge and introduce yourself as Sylvester McCoy era Dr Who.


EG fans will recognise this as a Bedford style, this time produced in mid-weight wool, featuring the usual array of pockets and three button fastening. Though why the model is rocking all three done up is beyond me; looks too restricted to me. And a jacket with this level of bombast should be worn in as relaxed way as possible. It’s just my view. I’m not about rules in menswear, but for me it’s top button only. And yeah, I know traditional rules dictate middle one only on a three button. But as I say, I’m not about rules.


  1. Even the slightest effort at matching the patterns of the two halves of the back would have improved the look from the rear a lot. As it is it looks like something you’d find on the clearance rack at H&M.

  2. Mr Brown

    As you say, it wouldn’t have taken much to pair it up on back, but it would’ve looked well matchy matchy which would knock their work/tuff thing.

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