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Are Junya shirts still a thing?

Another season, another selection of Junya Watanabe workwear shirts. I’ve got to come clean, I’ve never owned one. Mostly because they’re bananas-expensive. But also because come sale time, there are only size smalls left, or styles that are so dangerously gaudy you’re not allowed to wear them on a garage forecourt. I do wonder whether Junya’s whole premium chambray with corduroy, check and overt topstitching is a bit played out? The three shirts in this post are AW16, but they kind of look like everything we’ve seen before from Junya right?


I’d still like one. But because this style has been around so long and because the Junya design signature is so distinct, I wonder how comfortable I’d be wearing it? You know, on the one hand, they look a bit obviously Junya, on the other you have to ask, is this style a bit old hat anyway? Or, like, maybe because it’s Comme, is it just sort of timeless? I hope it’s apparent to you how much time I spend thinking about this kind of wank.


Whatever you think, if you want the pick of this season’s range (epitomised by these more wearable first drop styles) you’re looking at three and a half for the privilege. Head to Haven, or Norse Store for the shirts featured. Alternatively, like me, you can wait until the sale and hope the ones left don’t set off car alarms as you walk by.

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