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Another waste of your time

I think you’ve got to be pretty hardcore Engineered Garments to want these. I say that only because the slim-soled deck shoe is far from having a moment right now. Stick a fat mid-sole on a pair (like Yuketen are inclined to do) and you’ve got game. Regular deck silhouettes, not so much. Still, on the plus side, this exclusive colab with New England Outerwear does feature EG’s signature hotch-potchery of tonally sympathetic leathers. So, should you buy them? Read on, let me I’ll influence you.

Actually, I’ve lied. I very much doubt (unless you happen to be reading this in Japan or New York) you stand much chance of buying them even if you wanted to. Nepenthes (Engineered Garments’ umbrella company) habitually releases stuff that’s only available in their bricks and mortar stores, and entirely out of reach of online retail opportunists. These shoes are one such example.

eg shoes.002

As I’ve intimated, I’m actually not that fussed. While EG’s recent back-to-front Timex got me mad-désirez, I could take or leave these. If someone bought them for me, for free, I’d knob about telling anyone who’d listen the heritage of my shoes. But assuming no one’s gonna just give them to me… well, fuck ’em. So, there you go, another waste of your time.

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