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The only dude in the bar in a white jacket

I’m not sure many bros considering the purchase of a lightweight summer jacket, would consider this. It’s orSlow (arguably the baseline Japanese choice for UK clothsmen) so that’s in it’s favour. But are you down with the dazzling whiteness and lack of collar? Wouldn’t the pale colour and lack of collar hamper its day-to-day usefulness? Wouldn’t the absence of a collar make you feel like you’re not getting enough jacket for your money? All reasonable points. Stagnant with dullness, but reasonable points.


Yeah, you could buy the same jacket in indigo. Or yeah, you could buy something else entirely. You know, something more like everyone else’s jackets. Something conformist, something anonymous, something you could wear while pointing and laughing at someone else’s slightly more unusual jacket.


I say fuck that life. I’d rather wear this and look like a waiter at a Miami resort. Or an extra in a Human League video. Or just the only dude in the bar in a white jacket.

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If you’re with me, you’ll appreciate the ‘Rail Road’ style, the four patch pockets, the inside pocket and the gold branded buttons. And if you’re not?  Firstly may I suggest you never come here again. And secondly, click here* to head to Superdry.

*(Superdry link not supplied, because it’s filth.)

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