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I don’t want to be standing next to you in the same T-shirt

The Spring drops from Japanese brand Blue Blue Japan seem to be larger in European stores than in pervious seasons. Not sure if this is a good thing or not? On the one hand, it’s easier for me to grab a couple of pieces. On the other, it’s easier for other dudes too. Other dudes meaning anyone but me. You basically. I mean, I like you and all. I just don’t want to be standing next to you in the same T-shirt. Outside of nuclear warfare, global starvation, relentless capitalistic greed, the devastation of the planet’s eco system and Han Solo’s recent fate, I can think of little more upsetting.

If you’re looking to swag some Blue Blue, take your digital self to Garbstore or Norse Store, they’re boasting similar, but different edits of the circle motif collection. Here are three pieces I’d personally drop for immediately, if not sooner.

Knitted indigo circle sweater


It’s 100% cotton and I don’t usually fuck with cotton sweaters – they fade, lose their shape and generally sag in ways that don’t fully rep my polished physique. That said, this has a big white circle on it, so it gets a pass.

Japan flag socks

blue blue.002

Gots to get me some of these. I think the white ones for SS are total bangers. And I’m not even thinking about shirts. Just a lightweight, rolled up chino and a flash of red circle as you sit down – my shallowness knows no limits.

Big circle tee

blue blue.001

Not sure about the neckline on this, but again, it’s got basically a big spill on the front. Which is good. And worth 94 quid of anyone’s money. Oh come on, you’ve read this site before.

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  1. Mr Brown

    Reminds me of the deer birth mark from a Farside calendar.
    Next to our kitchen radio as a kid, bought back from America and therefore somehow funnier.
    The cycle continues.

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