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In the realm of a Roger Hargreaves character

I dropped on some brogues this week. Not these VISVIM ones. I went to Trickers on Jermyn Street and ordered a pair based on my specifications. It wasn’t a full bespoke service – that would cost thousands – but rather a made-for-you type approach, where the customer can select the style, components, leathers, linings and the like. I’ll debut my choice later in the year. Suffice to say, they are heavily ‘inspired’ by a model Trickers made for Nepenthes. In the meantime, we have these. An equally pricey approach to broguery, but no significant customer choice here. Just a case of choosing your colour. And I suppose the ultimate choice of whether you buy-into VISVIM boss, Hiroki Nakamura’s distinctive take on Americana or not.

17-02-2016_visvim_patricianwtfolk_natual_sh_1 17-02-2016_visvim_patricianwtfolk_natual_sh_4

These have a beautiful colour to them. You can grab them in navy, tan, dark brown or black, but this creamy, natural shade blows up for me. They’re quite bulbous. Very rounded of toe. It’s a style I’m down with, although you’re fully in the realm of a Roger Hargreaves character. Kind of cartoonish then, but there’s little funny about the aggressive VISVIM pricing. You’ll get a one pound coin in change from your 600 quid.

17-02-2016_visvim_patricianwtfolk_natual_sh_2 17-02-2016_visvim_patricianwtfolk_natual_sh_5 17-02-2016_visvim_patricianwtfolk_natual_sh_6

For that, you’re buying into the handmadey, traditionally crafty and excessively hirsute world of the brand. In certain circles, you’ll be able to point out to people you’re wearing VISVIM and watch as the certain circle you’re in has no clue what you’re on about. You’ll be able to lovingly suede brush marks from your prized upper and take pleasure from the sporty, rubbery branding around the heel. In darker moments you may question whether the whole red-brick sole thing was played out a few years back. And the hole in your wallet may take time to heal over. Still, such is the game of menswear. If you can’t afford to play…, well, may I suggest sir might be more comfortable at Office?

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  1. Mr Brown

    Got those very same shoes from Trickers sans the shitey Visvim heel cup thing.
    About 10 years old, ace, make me feel like I’ve stepped off the set of some sort of sub-continental, the heat’s getting to someone, what’s in the shadows, how does he never /sweat so much, can’t make out if he’s a good or bad colonial type.
    Not bad for a couple of 100.

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