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Noticeably less poncey

More shirting today, but after yesterday’s fowl-up, here’s a piece that manages to swerve straight heritage and bring something fresher to the mix. At first glance it looks like a checked shirt. At second glance, it still looks like a checked shirt. But look deeply into the checky mash-up and you’ll see the pockets, all six of them. I think they take this shirt into pleasantly unconventional territory.


Depending on your personal preference, six pockets are probably three to four pockets too many. And from practical perspective, if you were to use all six for carrying stuff, you’d look like a wall tidy. Still you’ve got to admire the guys over at Nepenthes subsidiary South2 West8 for their liberal attitude to personal storage.

98636489_o2 98636489_o3

In fairness, the brand produces riffs on traditional hunting and fishing garms. So really, this this neither without precedent nor functional application. You’re probably supposed to pop your tent pegs in there. And your birdwatching notebook. And probably your fishing flies. Which neatly, provides a kinship with yesterday’s piece. A noticeably less poncey sibling.


  1. Mr Brown

    Would be good if the mid and upper pockets had no lower seam.
    Light entertainment built in.
    Without Yewtree scandal.

  2. Mr Brown

    Those trousers and black tee – they look well Camden.
    That gaff up by the stables with the shit music, day glo and piercings.
    See you there on Sunday.

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