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All shapes of exciting

The following tells the ‘story’ of me wanting a bacon sandwich and then going to have a bacon sandwich. As narratives go, I’ll admit, it’s weak. However, it does give me the opportunity to debut a pair of green Trickers. I picked them up at the Kilver Court discount village in Shepton Mallet. And yes, I know how upsettingly uncool ‘discount village’ sounds. Anyway here I am walking to a cafe to buy a sandwich. It’s about to get all shapes of exciting up in here.

green shoes.002

For those still awake, I’m also experiencing some old APC jeans which I butchered the bottoms off, a light grey YMC zip-up baseball style top, an old Folk shirt, an Our Legacy navy wool blazer complete with a pin my girlf’ made me and an Engineered Garments embroidered corduroy bucket hat.

green shoes.003

green shoes.004

And there you go, another fashion story told. Which was your favourite bit?


  1. Andrew

    Green Trickers = boss. I have the same pair (nix commandos soles). Heavy as fuck but super comfy. As shit kickers go, the only others that come close for sheer heft/girth are my Grenson Archie triple welts. But they’re _so_ 2015.
    When it’s finally time to repair them (2039?) I’d recommend Merrifields on Grove Vale. Rob aint cheap but, he knows his onions and, more petinently, shoes. You’re very welcome.

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