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Are you sold?

To get a pair of Trickers made specifically for you costs £650. Now understand, this isn’t fully bespoke. This isn’t a last with your name on it hanging in the workroom. This is you simply choosing a standard size, a style, the leathers or suedes… Read More

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Curly wood shavings?

I have little interest in becoming a carpenter. I mean, if it was a choice between being a dude in a fluro vest who walks up and down trainlines in the rain, or tarmacs the road, or stands in the street with a SALE sign,… Read More

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Think of the orphans

I don’t need these boots. But I’d have them. If someone gave them to me, I’d have them definitely. I don’t need them. I don’t need anything. But as the festivus bares down on us, undercarriage heavy with baubles, rich meats and rum soaked sultanas,… Read More