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Think of the orphans

I don’t need these boots. But I’d have them. If someone gave them to me, I’d have them definitely. I don’t need them. I don’t need anything. But as the festivus bares down on us, undercarriage heavy with baubles, rich meats and rum soaked sultanas, it’s not really about need is it? It’s just about stuff. Having stuff. Then having more stuff. Having more stuff than everyone else’s stuff. And now I’m looking at these boots that I don’t need, thinking about having them. And then I think of the orphans. And the starving and diseased of the world. And I pause. And I just think, fuck me, check the cordovan uppers on these things?

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As if being from Trickers isn’t enough, these gorgeous boots are a double-teamer with The Bureau in Belfast.  Called the Orange Cordovan Malton Brogue Boot, they are unequivocally orange. Which is quite festive really, because I heard people who don’t have 615 quid to spend on presents, sometimes give each other oranges. Or is it coal? Or a hoop and a stick? It’s one of those anyway.

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So you’ve got an Italian shell cordovan upper with brogue detailing, they’re leather lined, and have those brilliant orange heel pulls. I’m all about striking pulls on the back of shoes. Of course the problem here is the detail will probably be lost up your trouser leg – best get those slacks rolled high yo.


The usual brass eyelets, Goodyear storm welted double sole, dark brown commando rubber outsole,  shoe bags and two sets of laces round out this shoeman’s treasure.


I expect at 615 quid you’ll all be thrashing away with your credit card on The Bureau right now. Probably buying two pairs. Unless of course I’ve enormously misjudged my audience. In which case, you can get four oranges here for a quid.

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