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To get a pair of Trickers made specifically for you costs £650. Now understand, this isn’t fully bespoke. This isn’t a last with your name on it hanging in the workroom. This is you simply choosing a standard size, a style, the leathers or suedes and a sole unit. It usually takes a good six weeks. The upside is that any combination of materials can be selected. So you can throw together a pink suede heelcap, a navy leather toecap and a fluorescent green vamp and the chaps at Trickers will merely applaud your verve, before getting on with the job in hand.

On a grander scale, this is what’s happened with the new Trickers x The Bureau range. The store’s bulk order keeps costs lower for you and me, but of course you’ve got to buy into their fabric, sole and style choices. Take a look at the range, are you sold?

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The Bureau have gone for a Monkey shoe and boot. Not a style traditionally associated with Trickers, indeed not a style that has been particularly prominent in menswear for a few years, but perhaps that’s the point. The Monkey boot or shoe, with it’s low-slung, lacing system, is often associated with Mod style. However the application of a Vibram Christy Morflex outsole throughout the range takes things out of the murky 70s and into the now. The same can be said about the self-assured colour combinations.

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Statement shoes like these can be tricky to wear. In any get-up, they’re going to be the focal point, so you’ll probably want to keep the rest of your vibe pretty subdued. I’d probably get the most wear from the full boot version, I feel like the proportions, as well as the fabric tones are about right. The shoes, with their contrast colour lacing system almost swallowing the toecap, veer a little too-close to bowling shoes for me.

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