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Needles’ sartorial bedlam is where it’s at

As I stated a few days ago, I’ve got a feeling velvet, or at least velveteen, bomber jackets are going to be a thing. A high-street thing. A horrible high-street thing. Still, even if I’m right and the escalators of Piccadilly Circus are soon to be a frenzy of Reeboked chancers,  enthusiastically peacocking wizened H&M rip-offs, this jacket will not be among them.

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Available in both blue and burgundy, this embroidered, baseball style jacket for Needles is, depending on your point of view, either nonchalantly forward thinking, or part of the staff uniform down the Golden Duck. See, I really enjoy garments like this. They illustrate to me that during the Needles design process, western commerciality just doesn’t figure. I mean, maybe velvety jackets will be a thing this winter, maybe they won’t, but you can be sure that in any given season Keizo Shimizu (Needles top man) may choose to produce them, alongside satin cowboy trousers, giant jeans and nonsensical headwear. For me right now, Needles’ sartorial bedlam is where it’s at.

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That isn’t to say I’m going to wear fringed yellow satin flares, I just like that they exist. And this jacket, represents a great gateway into the ostensibly shambolic brand ethos. I hope I’m wrong about the popularity of velvet bombers. I’d really like to buy this and manufacture a specific air of individuality. A sense that I’m either the coolest dude in the room, or I’m just delivering an order of Gong Bao Chicken.

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