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Not sure it’s ever been proven to be a bad thing

Sensibly, the aggressive cold is the fashion world’s cue to fling flimsy pastels at you. You’ve got enough grey wool for now – the thinking goes – so start dreaming about sunshine, start telling everyone how much you fucking love Mojitos and start buying flimsy pastel dudeswear. Not wanting to be left out of this predictable fuckwittery, here’s some flimsy pastel dudeswear. Although, it is Engineered Garments so it won’t actually be flimsy. It’ll be extremely well made. Just comparatively flimsy compared with winter wools. Oh you know what I mean.

I guess you’d have to be some kind of premium lord to bust this. That or a gold plated clown. It’s a severe piece no doubt. There’s no fucking with those giant-ass checks.

eg blazer.002

It may look ridic now, but come the sun, this will blow up when teamed with some twitish, “what, this… oh yeah, I just tossed it on” casual insouciance. I mean, don’t get me wrong, you’ll look like mash-up of a 70’s croupier and the drummer in Talking Heads. I’m just not sure that’s ever been proven to be a bad thing.


  1. Mr Brown

    Essential for anyone considering flogging clocked motors.
    In doing so one will fully justify the other.

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