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The technological road to perpetual human consciousness?

What does a man awkwardly posing in a crinkly overcoat think about? Upon first glance at these images, I imagine you’d assume thoughts of a bookish and scholarly nature. The Bashar al-Assad vs ISIS conundrum perhaps? The apparent futility of western climate change measures? The technological road to perpetual human consciousness?

In fact surprisingly, I was thinking about Call of Duty Black Ops 3. And how shit I am at it.

ymc coat.001

Indeed, as I’m pictured, manfully staring off into the distance, scratching my chin and attempting to tell a narrative through cloth, by brain is weighing up the relative merits of the Vesper submachine gun vs the HVK-30 assault rifle, in relation to my preferred run-and-run strategy. The Vesper being of course lighter, with a much faster fire rate, while the HVK-30 is slower, but with greater stopping power. It’s a toughy.

ymc coat.003

I suppose you might be marginally more interested in my pictured textiles than my ponderings on a child’s toy. And to that end, I’m happy to say I’m wearing a deliberately creasy overcoat from YMC’s S/S collection: grabbed for 30 quid in a recent sample sale.

To provide warmth, I’ve got a heavy wool Han Kjobenhavn overshirt which I picked up on a recent trip to Paris and a floppy beanie from The Superior Labor. And just as a stylistic point of interest, I’m completely not fucking with the whole dinky beanie thing – you know the sort, too small, too tight and fully ear exposing. Too much like a ‘trend’ to my mind, and a preposterously impractical one at that.

ymc coat.004

For anyone interested I’m also wearing some Perks and Mini chinos and the first pair of Yuketen boots I ever bought. They are still going strong. Which is more than I can say for my enthusiasm for Call of Duty. There are only so many times a grown man can get spawn-killed by a 12 year old boy and called a ‘faggot’ before calling it a day.


  1. james

    And they say the living costs are getting out of hand in London.
    I spend all my money on clobber. I genuinely spent my last twenty quid on tailoring once.
    I’m not getting crinkly YMC overcoats for thirty quid up in Manchester.
    Moving nearer the sample sales would leave me with money left over to feed myself.

  2. Yet have you come across a beanie that provides any sort of warmth if there is even a slight breeze outside? My research shows that wooly knitted hats mainly work when worn indoors by an individual with a style based around a curated beard, tight jeans and artisan coffee.

  3. Mr Brown

    Know what you mean.
    Lad opened the window upstairs on the 19 before Christmas and the cranial chill could of been acute. Thank god a gang of 13 year old girls got on and closed it.
    Fella knew better than to mess with a firm like that.

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