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A 530-quid-shaped hole in your wallet

This is just a very beautiful thing. Check out that, and I quote, “salt and pepper weave“. Just beautiful. If you stare at this fabric long enough, you can actually feel the heft of the fabric through your screen. I mean, you can’t obviously. But you kind of can. Even though you can’t.


I’m entirely down with utilitarian garms rendered with fabrics and finishes befitting a Regency Prince. Having said that, as flash-Harry as this looks, it’s apparently, “highly durable” and, “designed specifically for cold weather conditions.” So I guess, the best of both worlds: resilience plus three acres of mad foppery.

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Made in Japan, naturally, it’s by Brown’s Beach: a US brand that went out of business in the 60s, but was revived in 2010 by Full Count & Co. So here you’ve got the fanatical Japanese approach to authentically re-manufacturing cloth based on the original specifications, teamed with a modernised cut. It’ll make a 530-quid-shaped hole in your wallet, but seriously, this is an outstanding piece.


They’ve still got a full size range over at The Bureau. I wonder if it’s too much to hope this will end up in the sale? Ideally reduced by a festive 300 quid?

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