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White Mountaineering: Contemporary colour pairings

While wearable menswear rarely deviates too far from traditional shapes, colour always can be relied upon to keep things current. This tee from White Mountaineering is a fine example, boasting specific hues of russet brown and azure blue.

Taken alone the tones may seem unspectacular — cover an eye and look at them on their own. It’s easy to imagine each as a yawnful block-colour tee by M&S Blue Harbour. Yet together they present as ultra-modern. I find web-tools like Shape Factory’s Pigment to be of particular inspiration when exploring contemporary colour pairings.

It’s a shame the UK’s White Mountaineering retailers mostly seem to focus on the brand’s logo-heavy sweats. Like most denizens of this site, I have no interest in replacing my personality with a big san serif logo. The Adidas x White Mountaineering sneakers get retail play over here too, but again, for me, they’re a bit brazen. I can’t be alone, even titanic, everyman-mall End Clothing can’t shift them.

Why garments like this one don’t make it to our shores is a mystery. I suppose it appeals to me because it’s got a diet Comme des Garçons feel — a patchwork mix of flat colour and stripy shirting, but without any awkward gauzy nipple holes, or sub-Basquiat daubing. But, presumably retailers like the aforementioned End and Hip Store know what’ll sell over here and what won’t.

I’m sure about one thing though, if this was available in the UK, it’d be in my basket right now. I think it’s killer. The perfect uniform for hosting a social-distanced barbecue in my garden. I suspect it might make me keep my cool, as while turning the Sainsbury’s Butcher’s Choice, I’d just want to scream at my guests to keep their plague-spreading carcasses away from me.

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