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Mr Tumnus has an opinion

Get your head straight broheim, these aren’t jeans, they’re denim trousers. Trousers. But denimy. The smartest of all possible jeans – assuming they were jeans, which as we’ve established, they’re not. I’ve got a lot of like for these. They’re baggy, they’re by Ordinary Fits (suitably obscuro Japanese brand) and they’re denim. So it’s to my very extreme shame that my only concern is with the waist.

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These have a, “choose the next size up from your normal size” warning going on. And as the largest size is a 33 waist, and I’m best described as being, ‘somewhere in that ballpark’, they might be a bit touch and go. Thing is, there’s a cinched waist thing and The Bureau say that the measurements were taken with the cinches closed. So a man of porkiture might assume there’d be a little give here and there to accommodate the requisite carry on. You just don’t know do you?

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At 180 quids, they’re on the right side of reasonable for jeans. And The Bureau are very good at accepting returns – you know when products don’t quite work their magic ‘in the flesh’ so to speak. I’m just not sure I’m prepared to fully love these, only to realise Mr Tumnus has a rather different opinion.

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