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The twitch of a knob

Seemingly coming from nowhere, Harris Wharf  are suddenly murderising the ‘new arrivals’  sections in menswear e-outlets. This shit is everywhere. And it’s strong too. Viewed from afar, this is a handsome grey coat. But zoom in and you’ll discover a mottled wooly narrative of mysterious complexity. It’s a coat for life: carrying your stories and adventures within it’s woven husk. Like that time you threw it over the shoulders of that Moroccan beauty to shield her from the wind, only later to discover she possessed both a nuclear temper and a modest penis.


Harris Wharf sounds Londony to me, but actually this garm is crafted in Italy. It’s a wool and Polaire mix, Polaire being a sort of fleecy material and it’s unlined but even so, should provide a layering piece reasonably impervious to a despondent UK climate.

harris-wharf-grey-coat-d1 harris-wharf-grey-coat-d

Clocking in with a £335 swing ticket, it represents a notable outlay. But this is certainly no transient piece. From a practical perspective, it will last for some years. Whether your love for it lasts over a season is your own business. As men of clothes, sadly, sometimes our amour just disappears. Vanishes, with a speed akin to feeling the twitch of a knob beneath a pair of tights.

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