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That’s what I always say…

Simple“, people say. “Keep it simple.” Millions of people with absolutely no schooling, experience or credibility concerning design, regurgitate this ‘advice’ every day. When faced with any and all issues concerning design – interiors, exteriors, furniture, art, typography, fashion – “keep it simple, that’s what I always say“, says anyone who doesn’t know how to say anything else. Fucking “keep it simple“, I hate “keep it simple.” If anyone says “keep it simple“, I know they’re a bit of a blank, have no personal taste and get all ‘their ideas’ from other people. In other news, sometimes it’s good to keep it simple, so here’s a really simple jacket.


This is from YAECA, Japanese in origin, green of hue and cotton poplin of construction. Pretty simple isn’t it. A simple, everyday, throw on garm, with a concealed button placket and askew breast pockets. Indeed the askewness of the breast pockets is perhaps the only element that really suggests this is a ‘designed’ piece and not a direct copy of military wear.

This kind of shit is turbo-useful though. If you don’t have a lightweight, shirty-style jackety thing, copping for this wouldn’t be the stupidest move. On a practical level, they’re great to just throw on over a T-shirt when that shiny thing in the sky starts to nod off.


So what we’ve got here is an green cotton jacket, from a highly obscure Japanland brand, a brand that your mates will almost certainly never heard of, so you’ll have to wazz on about how American classics through a Japanese lens is like, a big thing, to try and convince them of the significance of your purchase, oh and you have to import it from a shop in Canada. So actually, not so simple after all.

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