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A citizen of the globe

I was in San Francisco last week. I know, get me. But you know what, it’s not even a big deal for a citizen of the globe like me. Some days I’m in Peckham, other days I’m in Reading. Next week I’m going to Bath. So… you know… Anyways, I was in San Francisco so I dropped by Union Made. I knew their site of course, but I’d never hit up the bricks and mortar. Basically, it’s un-fucking-believable. It’s got a better range of interesting menswear brands than, pretty much, any individual store in London. And it’s stuck on the corner of 18th and Sanchez – a ways from the centre of SF, which is not even a global style hub in the first place. Expect to see great edits from Kapital, Beams+, Omnigod, Blue Blue Japan, United Arrows, Journal Standard and Needles amongst loads of others. Union Made is crazy worth a look and the staff were lovely. They let me take some snaps. Here they is…

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