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Rather ticked off

Unless you’re prone to serious horologistic urges, then like me you probably own, tops, three watches. Or maybe four. Or maybe one. I don’t know, if I’m honest, I don’t care. I don’t scribble much about watches, but look here, this is definitely a watch.… Read More

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A citizen of the globe

I was in San Francisco last week. I know, get me. But you know what, it’s not even a big deal for a citizen of the globe like me. Some days I’m in Peckham, other days I’m in Reading. Next week I’m going to Bath.… Read More

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Space God reminded me I’m just a bellpiece with an overpriced patchwork cardigan

This week I’ve uncooled myself a number of times. I ordered a cocktail in a scenester bar, bent down to pick up my bag and forcefully struck my forehead on the bar. Customers and bar staff looked at me. I picked up my cocktail and… Read More